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HOLD MAMA AFRICA is an independent non-profit charity organization founded in Kenya in 2014 with no initial fund. It works to empower mothers in rural and urban areas in Kenya to fight poverty by providing training in valuable skills.
It was inspired by a personal experience of Julia Ohnuma. She was inspired by meeting and listening to life stories of mothers in Kenya who have been going through hardships such as luck of finance and domestic violence.
Julia came up with an idea to make a difference within the communities.
Julia travels rural and urban areas to train underprivileged mothers to develop skills they can carry into their everyday life, that is training these mothers to create hand-made crafts and accessories. The products are sold locally and online. The proceeds are funded to the mothers.

What we do

We work to be a partner of mother communities in Kenya to make changes in their lives. We train these mothers to create hand-made crafts and accessories. The products are sold locally and online. The proceeds will be fund to the mothers.

We aim to promote the mother communities in Kenya. Positive results will ensure a brighter future for them and their family.


Having a dream in our lives motivates us. We have a dream of improving lives of all mothers in Kenya. Through holding hands, we believe that we can make one of our dreams come true; to spread a positive message for those in poverty stricken areas.


Our motto is built around the Swahili word ‘Kidogo’ which means ‘a little’.

     ‘Big efforts need Kidogo help. The Kidogo help makes a big difference’

Anyone who struggles in their life can try to make life better. Anyone concerned about those trying hard, can help. Together with ‘try ‘and ‘help’, we can make a big change in lives of Kenyan mothers. A little help from outside can help Kenyan mothers who are trying hard.


  • Providing opportunities for underprivileged Kenyan mothers to access practical skills training and to gain appropriate knowledge needed in their everyday lives.
  • Empowering underprivileged mothers to establish themselves to be strong households to provide their family with proper shelter, food, education and health care.
  • Mobilizing local and international partners to support sustainable development of mother communities in Kenyan rural areas.


  • Julia Ohnuma
    Julia OhnumaFounder

    “If my mother gets sick, I would look after her.I would do my best I could do for my family, because I cannot ignore and keep seeing them suffering.I feel the same to people living in poverty. That´s why I work for them. “.

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