Doreas Wanjiku

Doreas Wanjiku

Jane Kwamboko Mochobe

Age: 42
Number of children and ages: 4 children (24, 20, 13 and 10 years old)
Job: No job

Doreas is a married mother.
She suffered a stroke in 2011 and needs to see a doctor for treatment but this is too expensive.
Her husband works on a farm and earns a little money, but uses his income for alcohol. Doreas suffers from her husband physically abusing her when he is drunk.
Their children go to primary school, but Doreas struggles to pay the school fees.
The family produces some food on their farm, so their diet consists of potatoes and Ugali.
They live in a 2 room house without a kitchen, however this offers little protection.
They collect rain water to use and use lamps or candles for light.

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