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Agripina Busihiri Kutoi

Agripina is a single mother (48 years old) working as a house maid of a family with a 2 years old child. She has worked for several different families in the past.

Agripina has 4 children. Her first born is 26 years old and the last born is 15 years old.
She divorced her husband, because he was physically abusing her.
Her ex-husband is now married to another lady and has a new family.
Since Agripina divorced this man, he has never tried to contact or meet his children.
In addition, he has never contributed financially to Agripina and her children.
Therefore, Agripina has to work and earn money for her 4 children only by herself.

Agripina’s 4 children stay with their grandmother in a small village called Kakamega.
They live in a not well protected house in a slum area, where they have to walk long distance to get water from the well and collect many pieces of wood to make fire.

In this situation, Agripina’s last born (15 years old) could no longer continue attending school, because the house work was taking too much of her time.
Therefore, Agripina decided to send her to a school dormitory which provides meals and a safe accommodation, so that she can stay in the school and continue having an education.
But this dormitory is costing a lot and pushing Agripina into a difficult situation financially.

Agripina is also worried about her 18 years old daughter who recently graduated from the college. What worries Agripina is that her daughter is staying in the village where she cannot get any job and just helps with the house work.
Therefore, Agripina wants to send her daughter to the capital city of Kenya, Nairobi, where her daughter would have better opportunities for work.
However, Agripina does not have money to send her daughter to Nairobi or does not have money to provide her somewhere to stay. So Agripina has no other choice than keeping her daughter staying in the village.

Agripina also helps financial needs for her nieces who live in Nairobi, because their mother lives in the village and has no job, thus she cannot afford her daughters to stay in Nairobi for their education.

Now, due to working so hard, Agripina got a health problem on her legs in the last months. Her legs got bigger and bigger, darker and darker.
She went to see 2 doctors, but neither of them could find out the cause of the problem.
Without finding out the cause, she ran out of money to go see a doctor.
“My feet are now big and sick. But I don’t care as long as they are not hurting” Agripina says and she continues working hard for her family.

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