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Monica is a single mother (33 years old) of her 4 children (15, 14, 13 and 7 years old).
Their father left the family when Monica gave birth to their last born.
Since he left, he has never contacted the family and supported Monica to raise their children. Monica has no relatives around who can support her, because they all live in a village and have no job.

Monica is HIV positive.
Monica used to work in the hotel for long, but since she got sick, she had to stop the job.
In the last 3 months, her sickness has been getting worse and worse.
It is now hard for her to just get up from the bed.

Monica needs to go to see a doctor at least twice a month.
But as she does not have money, she asks her neighbors for some money to visit a doctor, although somtimes she cannot get any money.

None of Monica’s children go to school.
Not only Monica has no money for her children to go to school and have an education, but also her children have to stay home to take care of their mother.

Monica and her children do not get any food most days.
Even when they get something to eat, it is only a cup of porridge a day for each of the family member.
They sometimes even do not have fire to cook the porridge.

They suffer to survive their everyday life.

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