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Eunice Anyango

Eunice is a single mother (28 years old) who works for a small grocery shop for 6 days and 12 or more hours in a day.

She takes care of 2 children and 3 orphans from her sister.
She works hard for her children, as she wants her little children to have an education and also to keep her orphans in school.
Eunice and her children live in a small and not well protected house in a slum area with no security.

Her husband passed away due to involved by a traffic accident.
Since then, Eunice works hard to raise her children and orphans only by herself.
She does not get any support from any of her relatives, as they all live in a small village and have no money.

Eunice used to cook and sell fish on the street before her current job. It was not a job which could support herself and her children, so she had to change jobs to earn more money. Yet, it was her favorite job and she dreams to get back to the job in the future.

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