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Bring awareness of underprivileged women living below poverty

Dear all the motivated young volunteers of Pamoja Imani Kenya!

We appreciate you for your great willingness to be assets to our projects!

We are an incorporated association founded with no funds, thus our programs are run entirely by volunteers.

Our projects are aimed to benefit underprivileged women in developing countries and contribute to the achievement of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (Detail information will be updated on a blog post on our website shortly).

Since we got quite a large number of volunteer applications from young students all over the world, we have decided to create a space on our website naming ‘PIK (Pamoja Imani Kenya) Youth volunteers’.
On the space of the website, we are planning to post news for all volunteers – to keep them updated.
AND most importantly, we aim this space for volunteers to discuss how they can be assets to PIK in bringing awareness to the public – about fundamental human rights of underprivileged women living below poverty.

Some examples of bringing awareness to the public may include organizing fundraising events and holding workshops in your local areas. (AND Promoting about Pamoja Imani Kenya in your areas!!)

Indeed, in order to start any of these activities, each of volunteers will need to make a small group within her/his area, so that they can collaborate with their friends in organizing events, holding workshops and so on.

We are more than happy to hear any other ideas you come up with, to volunteer for us! – Your volunteer tasks will depend on your skills and your demands.

If this sounds like you, we would like to ask you to provide information on what skills you could involve in our projects, what areas (online, community.. etc) you are interested in getting involved, and where you would like to volunteer (your residential places).

We will then discuss further to see how we can collaborate to develop our projects together!!

Looking forward to hearing as many of you!!


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