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ReadyFundGo Campaign CountDown 3


Happy Wednesday to all of you !

Here We Came !
7 days left until we start the ONLINE FUNDRAISING campaign on next Tuesday !
Since yesterday, we have done few preparation for the campaign :)

  1. We have announced about the campaign on our FB page
  2. We have created our new account on TWITTER @holdmamaafrica
  3. We have created our new account on YouTube
Facebook, Twitter and YouTube…
Hmm.. seems like we are doing good jobs on advertising !


… YouTube ? Video ? What kind of ?

Is that what you just thought ?

YES ! YouTube !

YES ! Video !

We will be updating video clips during the campaign to share updates on our mother members lives and other activities !

We have already updated our first video today actually !

It is a trailer for the campaign ! CHECK IT OUT !

On the first day of our campaign, we will update the official video !

The video will be about our mother members’ lives, dreams, and…
Oops! We won’t tell you anymore detail than this, because we want to keep things as surprising as possible for all of you to get excited about our campaign !

So don’t miss out our videos at !!

SHARE this blog on FB so that the world would know about this GREAT NEWS !

Thank you for reading our blog today!

See you Kesho (Tomorrow) !

LOVE from Hold Mama Africa xx

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