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ReadyFundGo Campaign CountDown 4

Happy Thursday to all of you!


Guess where we have came to today?

We came to Nyeri village, one of the villages where our mother members work hard making products.
In this Nyeri village, we have Teresa, our representative designer/trainer.
We come to Nyeri once a month to order new designs of products so that Teresa can try making them and can train other mother members.
But TODAY’s visit is with a special reason for our ONLINE FUNDRAISING CAMPAIGN coming up NEXT TUESDAY on 28th !
Among the 4 villages where our mother members work for us, we have asked some of the mother members in Nyeri to get together for today at Teresa’s house for one special EVENT!
We wanted to take video clips to upload on our campaign website !
So here are what we did !
  1. We got our mother members to tell us a bit about their life stories and their future goals !
  2. We sneaked in to our mother members’ farms and snap shot them farming !
  3. We got our mother members to sing and dance with our founder !
Want to know more details ?
Ok, let us explain about them further.
  1. Interviewing: When we decide which mothers to work together with, we listen to their life stories and their motivation to work hard. Every time we listen to their life tories and dreams they want to achieve, it touches to our hearts and we always wanted to share these stories with the world. Now our ONLINE FUNDRAISING is coming up next Tuesday and we thought THIS IS THE BEST TIMING for us to share them with you all! So we asked the mother members to for the permission to sure with the world and they have kindly agreed :)
  2. Farming: Every mother works on farm and that is what they do everyday and night. But working on farms is not really familiar for us living in the big cities, isn’t it? So we wanted to show you how it is like and how hard it is to work on farms under hot temperature in Kenyan village !  And REMEMBER, our mother members are not only doing farmings, but they are working hard making products for us between their busy times.
  3. SINGING & DANCING: Yes ! We SANG and DANCED together with A LOT OF FUN! Our mother members LOVE and LOVE SINGING and DANCING under the hot sun with sweating :) We wanted to share with you the enjoyment we usually have together, so we took a video of our dancing! Hope you’ll all enjoy it !
SO are you excited to see all these moments ?
No worries, you will see them NEXT TUESDAY 28th, the DAY we LAUNCH our ONLINE FUNDRAISING CAMPAIGN !
It will be uploaded on our website (obviously), FB page, Youtube and on our ONLINE CAMPAIGN WEBSITE !
Don’t miss out !


Now, it is 9pm, we got to go sleep, because without electricity, it is too dark in this village!

SHARE this blog on FB so that the world would know about this GREAT NEWS !

Thank you for reading our blog today!

See you Kesho (Tomorrow) !

LOVE from Hold Mama Africa xx

Ready FundGo Campaign Countdown
Ready FundGo Campaign Countdown
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