The Second Workshop of 2015 (Day 1)

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The Second Workshop of 2015 (Day 1)

Friday 26th of June 2015

Today, Mama Teresa, the designer from Nyeri group and the founder came to Murinduko to hold 2 days workshops for Murinduko group.
A mama leader of the Murinduko group is Mama Hellen. Among the total 15 mama members in Murinduko, Mama Hellen invited 4 mama members at her house for the workshop.
In this workshop, the mamas were to learn new products designed by Mama Teresa.

On the first day of the workshop, Mama Teresa and the founder arrived in Murinduko late in the afternoon, because of the bad and muddy road.

When they arrived, some mamas were waiting for us to take us to Mama Hellen’s house.
So, Twende (Let’s go) !

But the road to Mama Hellen’s house was even more muddy and was so hard to walk !
So we held our hands together, not to fall down ! But yes, when one falls down, the others also could fall down :(

After walking the extremely muddy road, we finally arrive at Mama Hellen’s house ! The picture tells how happy we were !

At Mama Hellen’s kitchen, Mama Kate with her little helper was cooking Mokimo (Kenyan traditional dish mixing maize, green peas and kidney beans in mashed potatoes) for hungry visitors :)

Before the food were served, Mama Teresa and the founder were discussing which products to teach in this workshop.

Then the food were served on the table.
When visiting a house in rural Kenya, it is very common that the visitors are welcomed with a lot of food before starting anything.

After eating Mokimo, 4 mamas sat down on the sofa and Mama Teresa started the workshop.

The mamas started drawing the new designs on their notes given by the founder.

Checking new designed sandals

Now Mama Teresa put all the materials on the table and let’s get started !

Today, Mama Teresa planned to teach the mamas how to make necklaces using Kanagas (Kenyan traditional materials).
Mamas were told to cut a piece of Kanaga in thin shape.

Then twist it

Mamas were concentrating very well.
But it was already 6pm so Mama Teresa decided to continue rest of the workshop on next day.

After all the mamas went homes, Mama Hellen gave Mama Teresa and the founder, warm water in a bowl to wash their dirty feet.

Then Mama Hellen warmed up the left over Mokimo as for supper 

After the supper, they had some chat and all went to sleep.
Excited for another workshop next day :)

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