Visiting Mama deginer’s Home (Day 1)

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Visiting Mama deginer’s Home (Day 1)

Wednesday 24th of June 2015

Today, the founder went to Nyeri to pick up Mama Teresa, the designer of Hold Mama Africa.
Mama Teresa and the founder were to go to and hold a workshop in Murinduko, the another village which is 7 hours away from Nyeri.

When the founder arrived at Mama Teresa’s house in the late afternoon, the whole family was there to greet her !

Hold Mama Africa workshops 1

In the kitchen, Mama Teresa was preparing dishes for us !

Mama Teresa’s eldest daughter, Alice and her grandmother were also helping Mama Teresa preparing the dishes :)

While ladies were preparing the dishes, the founder hung out with other kids.
Mama Teresa’s second daughter, Margaret and the last born Samuel took the founder to show around the farms. On the farm, the founder was amazed about how maize grow quickly, because the farm that was flat just 2 months ago was now filled up with tall maize leaves !

When the founder and the kids went back to the home, Alice and her cousin showed the founder Mama Teresa’s new products. They seem to be very proud of their mother’s work :)

Whilst we were hanging out, the dishes were prepared on the table.
Dinner for tonight was Mokimo (Kenyan traditional dish mixing maize, green peas and kidney beans in mashed potatoes) and chicken stew.
They were so yummy and filled up our hungry tummies !

After having the dinner, we had cups of chai, had some chats and went to sleep.
Very excited for the workshop in Murinduko next day !

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